e-Sourcing Technology

Our online tendering solution ensures that your company, as a prospective vendor, enjoys transparency and two-way communication throughout the procurement process.

Our online tendering system, e-Sourcing, is a secure and best practice compliant solution with significant benefits for all parties involved in Abu Dhabi Airports’ procurement opportunities.

A system that maximises transparency, enhances interactions between buyers and suppliers and ensures good governance throughout all of our procurement activities, e-Sourcing allows prospective vendors:

  • Access to the latest opportunities at Abu Dhabi Airports
  • Secure online interactions with Abu Dhabi Airports
  • Links to useful information and documentation
  • 24-hour helpdesk support

As a prospective or existing vendor, your company will enjoy:

  • Cost and time efficiencies
  • Secure submissions (complete with time and date electronic stamps)
  • Access to full audit trails of each tender process
  • Transparent, timely evaluations
  • Enhanced evaluations through system scenario analysis.

e-Sourcing Portal

Our Abu Dhabi Airports e-Sourcing portal is a suite of collaborative, web-based tools to enable our procurement team and prospective and current vendors to work together seamlessly.

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e-Sourcing Helpdesk

Call us on (800 Tenders) / +971 800 836 33 77