Procurement is central to our airport operations. We work with the very best suppliers to procure and manage the delivery of goods and services within budget and on time, which enables us to operate and maintain world-class infrastructure and facilities.

  • Overview


    We work with the best available suppliers of goods and services to deliver, operate and maintain world-class airport infrastructure and facilities.

  • e-Sourcing Technology

    e-Sourcing Technology

    Our online tendering solution ensures that your company, as a prospective vendor, enjoys transparency and two-way communication throughout the procurement process.

  • Registration & Prequalification

    Registration & Prequalification

    Vendor registration is a straightforward online process which your company can complete using our e-Sourcing portal. Vendor pre-qualification is generally required, although a more tailored pre-qualification process takes place for more specific projects.

  • Sustainable Procurement

    Sustainable Procurement

    By procuring sustainably and using socially responsible products and services, we are reducing our environmental impact.