Registration & Prequalification

Vendor registration is a straightforward, online process which your company must complete using our e-Sourcing portal. Vendor pre-qualification is generally required, however for more specific projects, a more tailored pre-qualification process takes place.

When you register online on our e-Sourcing system, your company is added as a registered vendor to our database, which our procurement team uses to find vendors capable of fulfilling the relevant requirements of a tender.

Registering with us online does not guarantee you an invitation to participate in tender opportunities. However, by joining our database, your company will be registered and categorised accordingly to assist our team in finding the best possible vendor for the task.

We maintain sole discretion to register a vendor. This will only be confirmed once certain obligations have been met.

e-Sourcing Portal

Our Abu Dhabi Airports e-Sourcing portal is a suite of collaborative, web-based tools to enable our procurement team and prospective and current vendors to work together seamlessly.

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e-Sourcing Helpdesk

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