Abu Dhabi Airports Commends its Staff for Outstanding Efforts During April’s Adverse Weather Conditions

  • Abu Dhabi Airports maintains smooth operations during unprecedented weather conditions that took place from 16th to 17th April
  • Abu Dhabi Airports commends the airport staff and stakeholders involved for their outstanding efforts with minimal service disruption
2024-05-06 Abu Dhabi Airports Commends its Staff for Outstanding Efforts During April’s Adverse Weather Conditions

06 May 2024 , Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Within the framework of encouraging competencies and upholding work values and commitment, Abu Dhabi Airports extended its gratitude to the dedicated airport operational staff and all the involved stakeholders for their exceptional efforts in handling and maintaining smooth operations amidst adverse weather conditions that occurred in mid-April.

Despite facing significant challenges posed by the inclement weather, the airport staff displayed unwavering commitment and professionalism to ensure minimal service disruption and impact on passengers. Their efficient coordination ensured that airport services experienced only a minimal pause of 20 minutes, after which operations resumed seamlessly.

From the onset of the stormy weather, the airport staff worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers in full coordination with Etihad Airports Services and the airlines operating at the airport. Additionally, several government stakeholders extended their immediate support including the National Guard, as they escorted stranded passengers to safety and facilitated the flow of curb-side activities, the ICP and Immigration as they processed emergency visas for transit and staffed counters to accommodate the increased passenger demand due to flight conversions to Zayed International Airport, the Customs for their extended readiness and support in opening all arrival and hand baggage counters to address the situation on the ground effectively, and the traffic police for their immediate response as they managed the road closures and redirecting traffic to safe curb-side areas within the airport premises. The dedication and hard work of everyone involved in handling this weather condition crisis was instrumental and extremely well-coordinated.

In light of their remarkable efforts, AD Airports will extend a token of appreciation to all the staff members who were handling the operations on the ground, praising their commitment and professionalism during this exceptional time. The intensity of the weather that struck the UAE between April 16th and 17th was unprecedented, and so was the collective response by the country, who united to weather the worst of the storm. This was evident at Zayed International Airport where the exceptional team worked tirelessly to ensure the adverse weather had minimal impact on airport operations. Alongside keeping the airport running smoothly, employees worked efficiently and effectively to accommodate passengers that had arrived on diverted aircraft.

Elena Sorlini, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Abu Dhabi Airports said: “The proactive response of the Abu Dhabi Airports team, Etihad Airways Services, the airlines and all government partners on the ground during the 16th and 17th April, and the ensuing days, demonstrates the unwavering collective efforts of our team. Working around the clock to maintain smooth operations with minimal impact and service disruption, we are truly grateful and appreciate the unity of teamwork in such challenging times. This stands as a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional services to our passengers and ensuring their safety as a priority.”

Throughout the storm, Zayed International Airport received 35 diversions from Dubai International Airport, and Al Ain Airport received 13 diversions. The team worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers.